Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Train to Cercany

A funny thing happened on the way to Cercany. The Czech Republic switched over to daylight savings time. Which means, of course, that we showed up for our train an entire hour late. Oops. Living in the land of Mountain Standard time has allowed us to become lax about observing such rituals.

We had to take the next train to Cercany and what was supposed to be a quick train ride of no more than two hours took an entire day. Even Hoops was tried of being on the train by the time the day was over. The Czech's have an amazing array of trains. I have never seen such a large variety, some of which surely qualify as antique.

The challenging thing about the Czech railway system is that they don't seem to think it is important to put the train numbers on the train itself, and often times the platforms aren't marked, either. A bit of perseverance and a whole lotta guess work later, we did indeed find our way onto the right train.

Back in Praha, Hoops declared her nerves needed a wee bit of soothing. A drink was in order and while at the pub she made some new friends. A handsome lot, aren't they? And most agreeable companions!

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