Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday March 12, 2008

In 9 hours, we'll be on a plane. It's hard to believe that after 3 years of planning this is finally going to happen. bwahaha. 

Happily, I was able to see my mother today to say goodbye. It's always nice to be able to give your mother a big hug before you go out on a great adventure. It's very exciting. 

We will fly into Atlanta, then on to Paris by morning. In the wee hours, we will arrive in Prague. It will be raining, but I don't care. 

We plan to stumble about for two or three days while we get our sea legs back. I plan to dive head first into "The Golem" by Yudl Rosenberg. I figure with the sleep debt, jet lag and foggy rain, I'll be in for some severe spookiness. Nothing a dram or two can't shake off.

Ok. Back to the packing and such.


hoops said...

YoYo says she thinks the rain actually does matter...

Anonymous said...

This is very scarry. I know this person. Warrior like at the heart, but looks very dwarf like and innocent. Hmm..traveling around other countries starting trouble probably. Prolly with some shaky running mate as well. I'm not sure Progue is ready for this. I will be carefully watching this activity. :)

frankie said...

Oh hydee hoe, you're so modern! Are you guys rested up from the long journey yet? Thinking about you and hoping all your planning is paying off. LOVE YOU guys and admire your courage and energy and sense of adventure! Remember to eat your fiber--they're kind of low on that in Europe, aren't they? :o)

Anonymous said...

YoYo here…
The weather forecast called for a 70% chance of rain today, and rain it did! However, we were only caught in it once the entire day as most of the raining occurred in the morning before we were up and out. The little bit of rain that did catch us made the streets very slippery, but that was really the only annoyance as it was only a drizzle that lasted a few minutes. All in all, not a bad weather day!

We visited the Jewish Museum today in the old Jewish Quarter. The Museum consists of seven synagogues and the ancient cemetery all within easy walking distance of one another. Hoops was able to get some fine video of the cemetery that really puts the size and density into perspective.
We get very spotty free wifi in our apartment on a network cleverly called “default.” Good old default has been very handy. Did I mention spotty? Very spotty.

Our feet are very sore from the 6+ hours of wandering the museum and the streets. Had coffee, tea, and a small nosh at the Franz Kafka Coffee House. They really gouge you for the “authentic” shtick here. $18 for our little meal. Yikes.

The locals have decided that Hoops is Spanish and the first language they try with her is Español. Pretty humorous, actually. After the basic hellos, the conversation is my responsibility since I am the one who speaks more of the Spanish language. The guy who picked us up at the airport thought we were from Canada. Blame Canada!
Tomorrow is Monday and we will try once again to get our 30 day Metro pass. The experience has been rather frustrating to date. Then off to the train station to reserve our sleeper car for the trip to Krakow. Then off to a thrift store to get Hoops gussied up in the local garb. But first, I am promised a quick trip to the river Vltava and the Charles Bridge. Yipee!!!

St Patrick’s Day
The weather was chillier today but the rain was in short supply. Good good. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for another 10 degrees drop. Ugh. Hope it warms up soon, today I was forced to buy a fuzzy hat to keep my head and ears from freezing.

Prague does not seem to be a town all that interested in celebrating St Pats. Could be because it falls on a Monday this year. Two of the Irish pubs had live music, but no Irish music. :-( At least the live stage in the Old Town Square had the decency to have Irish bands. However, it was so cold by the time they started playing we only lasted 20 minutes before we had to go back inside. The pubs were so smoky we only lasted another wee bit before we headed back to the ranch. And then, like yesterday, we laid down for a nap that lasted 3 plus hours, resulting in staying home the rest of the evening. So much for a wild St Pats abroad.